Expecting guests or planning an outdoor event? Let our crew ensure your windows and outdoor living spaces are a source of pride for you. We can also have your windows and glass doors sparkling clean for you awaiting your return to your vacation home in the desert!

Our services include…

  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Window frames, tracks, and screens
  • Remove hard water stains
  • Clean shutters, soffits, and awnings
  • Clean lighting sconces, ceiling fans and high ledges
  • Sweep garage, clean storage cabinets & closets
  • Clean trash area, utility closets, mailbox
  • Clean patios and patio furniture
  • Clean barbeque grills and outdoor kitchens
  • De-webbing
  • HVAC vents
  • Sweep flat rooftops and remove debris
  • Flush roof drains
  • Pressure washing when required