Absentee homeowners that are away can have the security and confidence knowing that MyCanadianConcierge is watching over your home. Unexpected things can happen, but with comprehensive exterior and interior inspections, you’ll be at ease knowing your home is well cared for.

Popular Residential Care Packages

  • 150 month
  • 85 month
  • 50 month

* Prices are based upon a 2100 sq. ft. home or less.

absentee residential property care packages start at 50 per monthWhen away… Away for a week, a month or a year, we care for your home. MyCanadianConcierge provides an array of customized residential management and personal services to suit your needs.

When returning… We prepare your home for your return. Services can include a thorough house cleaning, window cleaning, rearrange stored patio furniture, and even restock your refrigerator!

After your stay… We can also close-up your home when you depart. We’ll close and secure the property after we store your outdoor furniture, dispose garbage, review all mechanical systems to maximize conservation and reduce your energy costs.

Every residential inspection visit includes

  • Inspection and condition of the exterior and interior of the property.
  • Security of property doors, locks and windows.
  • Inspect the garage.
  • Flush toilets / run faucets.
  • Record and check interior temperature.

Additional services

  • Exterior perimeter bug spray - $20
  • Exterior and interior De-Webbing - $25
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine - $10
  • Humidity control - $50
  • Start and idle vehicles for 15 minutes with A/C on - $10
  • Check golf cart batteries - $20 per cart.

Time charge for additional tasks requested: $10 per 15 minute increments.